Timothy Thrapp (WITTS) talks about QEG

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Clay Graner forwarded this newsletter from WITTS. Just a couple of preface notes.

1) Timothy plans to talk about the QEG tonight (Wednesday April 16), along with a caution about dangerous quantum energy effects to be aware of.

2) I’m sad to say that the person they planned to have on tonight as part of the show — or that they were planning on featuring — Mike Ruppert, killed himself Sunday night. I forwarded that info to Timothy.

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Subject: WITTS Live Broadcast Wednesday 10PM ET – April 16, 2014
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2014 17:59:47 -0500

WITTS Ministries

World Improvement Through The Spirit

April 16, 2014

THIS WEEK LIVE: Wednesday 10PM Eastern, 9PM Central, 7PM Pacific USA timezones
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Greetings brothers and sisters in Christ!

We’ve got an awesome program this week!

Sir T will have another fascinating teaching on “The Sons of God!”  Don’t miss it!

Tech industry entreprenuer, Brother Skip Hughes returns this week as our guest. We ran out of time during his last visit discussing miracles in his life and some interesting technology he’d been working on. This week he’ll share some remarkable accounts of angels in action, and perhaps additional details on upcoming alternative fuel sytems for automobiles.

Fix The World organization has been making progress with their QEG (quantum energy generator) project.  Although the machine is capable of producing significant electrical power without a conventional fuel source, there are safety considerations that builders may not be aware of. Energy being derived with these types of devices is not only electrons like most engineers are familiar, but include other particles and fields not commonly taught in conventional electrical theory.  In addition to high voltages being generated, dominant energy systems can manifest large quantum energy pulses showing up at a distance which could cause fires or harm electronic equipment. WITTS Ministries advises experimenters to exercise extreme caution and urges serious engineers to consider taking a few classes before working at significant power levels.  Sir T will have more information on this week’s broadcast.

As mentioned during a previous week, tonight we’ll have pictures of a high horsepower motor designed and built by the WITTS engineers.  As previously stated, this device put out well over 500 HP and required very little input power.  This has never been seen publicly and tonight Sir T will give us more details on its capabilities.

Our videos for tonight’s broadcast include…

Michael Ruppert, a former L.A.P.D. narcotics detective who caught the CIA bringing drugs into the USA in 1976 is featured in this week’s lineup. He was fired from his job when he attempted to blow the whistle on the drug running agency and publicly confronted then director John Deutch. After many years exposing the corruption in government and law enforcement, he managed to publish books and a newsletter to educate those who would listen.

We often discuss chemtrails and what we can do to help clean up the problem.  According to this video there is a new type of chemical warfare being waged against us…  Chem bombs. This new menace was recently seen near San Diego exploding over a densely populated area.

We will endeavor to keep you intriqued with amazing testimonies and dialog from Sir T and the WITTS team!  You never know what surprise jewel might reveal itself during the broadcast, so stay tuned!

Please don’t forget to join us live. Another fantastic program that you will not want to miss!

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All HIS Love, and God bless you!
The World Improvement Team

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