Chukanov provides photos of “Great Quantum Dragon”

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

Today I received the following email and images from Kiril Chukanov:

Dear Stirling,

Attached I’m sending to you photos of my new powerful QFE generator “Great Quantum Dragon”. I produce powerful, stable, ball lightning (in both chambers shown on the photos). For information: ball lightning is not PLASMA, ball lightning is 2-D macro-quantum object that in some special conditions (created in my QFE generators) can violate some of laws of physics valid ONLY for regular (non-quantum) matter. Ball lightning represents ‘black hole’ (no space and material substance beneth its 2-D quantum surface.

Except for you, other fellows researchers  in thje field of ‘free energy’ are ignoring my discovery, stealing my ideas, not quoting my name. Yes, I generate a lot of QFE from ball lightning. I quit North America because my discovery (and me) was ignored and discriminated there. Now I’m in country that respects my QFE discovery and my personality; they awarded me for that.

Best regards,

Your friend from Utah State, Kiril Chukanov

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On April 21, Kiril added:

I’m the Pioneer in this field – 25 years.

And, I’m making ‘ball lioghtning’ in microwave, not ‘plasma’ or ‘plasmoids’. And, I extract free energy from artificial ball lightning already 25 years. And, I’m making ball lightning not only with the help of microwave. Do you make any difference between my work and ‘microwave’ plasma of other researchers?

Unfortunately, there are too many plagiarists around the world – they ‘forget’ to quote my discovery and my name, they just claim they are first in the field.

And, I’m in China now – they need desperetly new,absolutely  clean, inexhaustible, inexpensive, fuelless, energy source. That’s Quantum Free Energy – discovered, proven, and harnessed for practical use, by me – Kiril Chukanov.

I’m in China because I was rejected in USA. In Bulgaria I created demonstration heatless QFE generator. But, they have no money (small money) to build industrial QFE generator-prototype.

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