20kW AuKW system may be running by May 13 for 5 kW disassemble day


Chief AuKW tour guide, Christoph Beiser, gives his introduction on May 6, “Measurement Day.”

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
May 7, 2015; 19:00 GMT

Here’s the latest from GAIA’s AuKW demonstration of a 5 kW buoyancy plant that has been running continuously since April 18, producing over 1.5 MW-h of electricity. The public demonstration concluded May 6, the designated “Measurement Day,” but the generator has continued running as seen on the livestream feed.

This morning at 11:30 GMT, Roberto Reuter, GAIA’s CEO, wrote:

The big tube [will] maybe run on May 13th, while we shut down the 5kw model.

For those of you not familiar, this is in reference to the 1.5-meter diameter KPP tube that recently was set upright and has been in front of the livestream most of the time since. According to J.D., who attended May 1, right after that tube arrived, the 100 kW demo tube (with windows throughout) is quite a bit larger than the 20 kW tube.

The 20 kW tube is the system that was said to have come back from being out in the field where it ran continuously for 6 months producing 15-20 kilowatts.

You know, if Rosch really will start the big tube within the next days, I assume the livestream will end, because the installation work will be exactly there around that place.

I suggested to both Roberto and to Mr. Dohmen: “Unless you have proprietary aspects that you cannot disclose publicly, we, the curious and the supporters, would love to be able to watch your activities as you work on the getting larger system going. Maybe you could set the livestream camera out of your way but still allow us to have a glimpse into your fascinating operations. It’s history in the making.”

I’ve gathered the following screenshots of the 20 kW from the video J.D. shot, around the 35 minute mark.

You can click on the image to get an enlarged view, or find the same place in the video for an even higher resolution version.

150501_JD_20-kW-tube_bottom-side-chains_rd 150501_JD_ll-M-tube-will-fit-upright-in-hall_rd 150501_JD_100kW-and-5kW_tubes_rd 150501_JD_20kW-tube-in-relation-to-5kW_rd 150501_JD_20-kW-tube_top-side_rd 150501_JD_20-kW-tube_top-inside_rd 150501_JD_20-kW-tube_top-down_rd 150501_JD_20-kW-tube_top-down_no-people_rd 150501_JD_20-kW-tube_top-down_chain_rd 150501_JD_20-kW-tube_rd 150501_JD_20-kW-tube_top-side_chain-long_rd 150501_JD_20-kW-tube_top-side_chain_rd 150501_JD_20-kW-tube_top-inside_close-up_rd 150501_JD_20-kW-tube_top-inside_chain_rd 150501_JD_20-kW-tube_top-inside_b_rd 150501_JD_20-kW-tube_top-down_under-chain_rd 150501_JD_20-kW-tube_top-down_chain_higher_rd 150501_JD_20-kW-tube_middle-chain-connect_rd 150501_JD_20-kW-tube_middle-chain-connect_higher_rd 150501_JD_20-kW-tube_middle-chain-connect_closer_rd

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