JD’s photos from take-down of 5 kW AuKW

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
May 13, 2015

Here are the photos of GAIA’s 5 kW demo disassembly on May 13, attended by J.D. (John) of Global BEM.

His original photos were ~5 Mb each in resolution. These are 300 px reductions of 1000 px versions which are 3% reductions of those, which were in a 329 Mb zip file.

I plan on doing a recorded interview with him tomorrow, but some of J.D.’s comments to me on Skype include:

19:55 GMT: I just walked in pretty tired, was a long day. Working on the video right now, but might be uploaded tomorrow.

19:52 GMT: I got good footage and pictures.  At some point you will need to let go of the remaining skepticism, I have no reasons [to think] the device is a fake.

19:57 GMT: I can send the pictures after dinner. Maybe I’ll get a little fitter after having some food… on days like this I forget to eat.

No holes in the wall whatsoever…

I’m also invited for the 20kW demo… Soonish…

GAIA is just a customer. I got the feeling, from a philosophy standpoint Rosch and Gaia come from different backgrounds.

GAIA are the idealistic decentralized open thinkers / open source guys.
Rosch is far more business orientated.

He said the hose to empty the system was about 1.5 inches [large], and that it took about 10 minutes to empty the tank using the pump (shown below).

Note that the cumulative power is 1954 kW-h, which, over 18 days (starting April 18, a week before the April 25 public demo began), comes to 108.6 kW-h/day, or 4.5 kW-h/h.

(Click on photos for enlargement.)

DSCN1380_1000 DSCN1287_1000 DSCN1288_1000 DSCN1290_1000 DSCN1289_1000 DSCN1293_1000 DSCN1291_1000 DSCN1298_1000 DSCN1297_1000 DSCN1299_1000 DSCN1301_1000 DSCN1300_1000 DSCN1302_1000 DSCN1305_1000 DSCN1304_1000 DSCN1306_1000 DSCN1309_1000 DSCN1308_1000 DSCN1311_1000 DSCN1310_1000 DSCN1312_1000 DSCN1314_1000 DSCN1313_1000 DSCN1316_1000 DSCN1318_1000 DSCN1317_1000 DSCN1319_1000 DSCN1326_1000 DSCN1325_1000 DSCN1320_1000 DSCN1328_1000 DSCN1327_1000 DSCN1329_1000 DSCN1331_1000 DSCN1330_1000 DSCN1333_1000 DSCN1332_1000 DSCN1334_1000 DSCN1336_1000 DSCN1335_1000 DSCN1337_1000 DSCN1340_1000 DSCN1338_1000 DSCN1342_1000 DSCN1341_1000 DSCN1343_1000 DSCN1345_1000 DSCN1344_1000 DSCN1347_1000 DSCN1346_1000 DSCN1348_1000 DSCN1350_1000 DSCN1349_1000 DSCN1352_1000 DSCN1351_1000 DSCN1353_1000 DSCN1355_1000 DSCN1354_1000 DSCN1357_1000 DSCN1356_1000 DSCN1358_1000 DSCN1360_1000 DSCN1359_1000 DSCN1361_1000 DSCN1363_1000 DSCN1362_1000 DSCN1365_1000 DSCN1364_1000 DSCN1367_1000 DSCN1366_1000 DSCN1368_1000 DSCN1370_1000 DSCN1369_1000 DSCN1372_1000 DSCN1371_1000 DSCN1373_1000 DSCN1379_1000 DSCN1374_1000 DSCN1381_1000

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