Heiko Erxleben’s close-up photos from May 13 AuKW disassembly

by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
May 14, 2015

Here are the photos of GAIA’s 5 kW demo disassembly on May 13, attended by┬áHeiko Erxleben. These photos just focus on the main points of contention: possible pass-through of a “hidden wire” at the points of connection on the floor and two wall posts.

His original photos were ~4 Mb each in resolution. These are 300 px reductions of 1000 px versions which are 1% reductions of those.

Here’s a link (42 Mb zip) to download the original full-resolution photos.

IMG_3001_1000 IMG_2956_1000 IMG_2959_1000 IMG_2929_1000 IMG_2928_1000 IMG_2934_1000 IMG_2935_1000 IMG_2932_1000 IMG_2933_1000 IMG_2930_1000 IMG_2931_1000 IMG_2957_1000

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