SkyFireArts (Tesla Coils) Rocks Crowd of 400,000 in Vegas

I got this by email today. Pretty cool stuff.

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Thanks so much for sharing this Sterling!

I’ve done my best over the years to use our eye-candy to draw people’s attention to opportunities for meaningful personal & cultural transformation. I’m hoping this success in our business will offer us even more of an opportunity to do so. I appreciate your support.



​Michael Tam Wood
Phone: 310-940-6684
Creative Director, SkyFireArts
President, Cobalt & Crimson LLC


SkyFireArts performs at Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas!

We performed at Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) Las Vegas, North America’s largest electronic music festival! Over 400,000 like-minded individuals from every corner of the world came together for this three-day celebration of life.

We had our own dedicated stage on Electric Avenue, and did shows Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights June 19-21, 2015. Lightning Dance performances by Michael Ravenwood and Dustin Engelskind.

The press raves about our shows at EDC!

SkyFireArts makes LA Weekly’s Best of EDC Vegas “…the performer working a small but vigorous coil at EDC was truly something special…Tesla coil guy made the lightning dance from his fingertips to his staffs and back again with such precision…”

10 Unforgettable Memories from EDC Vegas by Magnetic Magazine “…let’s talk about Mr. Tesla Dude for a second because he deserves a standing ovation after the eyelids he peeled back over all three nights.”

LessThan3’s blog post rates SkyFireArts amongst the 15 Best Moments of EDC “…our electrokinetic costumed performer was hands-down the most eye-catching side-show of the weekend”

2015 Sizzle Video

Just released earlier this year, SkyFireArts’ new Sizzle Reel features Lightning Dancing, Lightning Throwing, Fire Dancing and variety acts as performed at: Warner Bros Gala, Calgary Stampede Grandstand Show, Playboy Mansion, SkyFire Premiere in Malibu & Tourlink Conference in Palm Desert.

Michael Ravenwood describes his unique performing arts company in this short video by addressing the question… What is SkyFire?

He speaks a bit more about the theme of SkyFire in this next clip… Conscious Energy

SkyFireArts’ Educational Program

SkyFireArts’ intentional performances, presentations & workshops empower participants by encouraging energy consciousness. By understanding how we are currently using the power of our choice, we achieve the ability to express our influence in new ways and intentionally create the effect we are having within our culture. Our quality of life improves exponentially when we are aligned with our true passions, channel our energy to produce desired results, and help maintain a beautiful world for future generations. Every person has an innate capacity for health, wealth and longevity, and SkyFireArts’ EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS are designed to facilitate their realization & fulfillment.

Tesla Coil High Voltage Dancers

SkyFireArts uses innovative blends of cirque arts & technology to create awe inspiring theatrical shows. Our performers wield 15 foot arcs of electricity using a massive Tesla coil, thrilling audiences internationally.

SkyFireArts’ core team is…

Michael Ravenwood – Lead Performer, Creative Director & Owner

Marc Rosenthal – Producer, Designer & Production Manager

Michelle LaVon – Lead Performer, Talent Director & Choreographer

AnJa Ravenwood – Business & Marketing Director

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