How you can Help

In addition to our regular listing of Suggestions for How to Get Involved with the Roll-out of Exotic Free Energy, here are some things we’re specifically wanting to expand into:

  • Posting – Some of you have a good bead on great exotic free energy technology. You could come in as a contributor, or submit things by email, or through the “submit” link.
  • Store / Advertising – We could use some help finding items to feature in our store, work out the vendor contracts,  build the sales pages and images, and run the store, as well as the advertising on the site. Mostly we just do drop-shipping, not inventory. We could share in the revenue. With our 40,000 page views/day, we have a built-in, targeted audience, who would benefit from the right choice of items, ranging from clean energy items, to emergency preparedness.
  • CrowdFunding Coordinator – NEST is launching a CrowdFunding website to feature exotic free energy technologies seeking support for specific, achievable goals. We would like to find someone to head up the project. If done well, it could be a career opportunity.
  • Translating – We could use help translating our PES pages into other languages. We’d be willing to share a large portion of the advertising revenue.
  • Linguist – We’re looking for someone to head up the translations of our content. You could get a portion of the ad revenue from the translated pages from the translators you bring in or help screen.
  • Vetting – We’re wanting to beef up our ability to check out and verify FE claims.
  • Topic Experts – Ever since we launched PESWiki, we’ve wanted each major genre of technology to have an editor who keeps the page accurate, with the listings in sequence of the most promising things listed first, and the page properly subdivided so it doesn’t get too large.
  • Appearance – The look we’ve started with on this blog (as well as over at PESWiki and PESN) needs improvement. If you would like to help to help us with the organization and appearance of the site, let us know.


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Bonus WP Questions, looking for answers

  • I don’t like how the “latest posts” display shows all of the category links. It’s too junky. I’d like to turn that off. any ideas of how I do that?
  • With the theme we’re using right now, on the home page, we have two cycling “lasted” widgets. I like the full image one at the top, but the second one is a bit much. I’d like to nix that one.