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Focus Fusion: hot; $80k raised; Oxford lecture; safety

Posted by Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News Here’s an exerpt from an update from Focus Fusion LPP Focus Fusion Report May 27, 2014 Summary: Research news: High electron…


Denser plasmoids, fussy filaments: Latest from the fusion frontier

Derek Shannon send the following to his email list, and gave me permission to post it here: Howdy, fusion friends- We’re happy to send you the latest developments in LPP’s…

A 6 cm spheromak, or plasma toroid, forming around an electric arc

Colliding Plasma Toroid Fusion Update

Synopsis:  These plasma toroids (rings) are stable without magnetic containment.  Recent advances allow scale up to 6 cm diameter from the original small 5mm.  This should greatly improve the low…